Embassy Logistic Terms: eManifest

eManifest is the electronic version of manifest.

The manifest is a list of all goods, listed per Bill of Lading, which was loaded onto the ship in one certain port and which has a single certain destination. Thus the number of manifests onboard equals the number of different travel routes.

A distinction is made between a cargo manifest, a freight manifest and a manifest of hazardous goods. The cargo manifest solely lists the details of the goods (nature, quantity, types and numbers, sender, destination, etc.) and service for customs declaration of the goods. In addition to that, the freight manifest lists details of the seaborne freight and serves to collect the sea freights payable at the destination and as the basis for certain commission calculations. The hazardous goods manifest solely lists hazardous goods onboard the vessel. This manifest must be submitted to the port authorities prior to the vessel entering the port.

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