Embassy Logistic Terms: Sea Arrival Manifest

On August 1st, 2019, new filing rules were implemented for all shipments to, from and via India. These rules are known as the “Sea Arrival Manifest” Regulations. Indian customs have allowed for a 45 day transitional period.

This means that (at the very latest) by September 15th, all cargo traveling to India must have the following information on the Bill of Lading;

  • 6-digit HS (Harmonised System) code
  • 10-digit IEC (Import-Export) code of the Indian shipper or consignee
  • 10-digit PAN (Permanent Account) Number of the Indian Notify party
  • GST (Goods Service Tax) code of the consignee
  • Email address for the consignee
  • Commercial value including currency code, matching the commercial invoice. This will not be printed on the Bill of Lading but will be made known to customs.


If one or more of the above points are unknown, you run the risk of your cargo not being loaded on the intended vessel, and no Bill of Lading is issued.  For export shipments, these details must be declared to Indian customs, at least 72 hours prior to departure of the vessel from its last load port, before reaching an Indian seaport. However, if at all possible we would recommend you advise all these details when you place your booking, so trouble can be avoided.

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