Multimodal Transport

Multimodal transport

Rail and Barge: the sustainable shipping method of the future! 

Is Antwerp-Bruges your chosen port of departure or arrival, even though your cargo actually originates from, or has as a final destination in, continental Europe? 

If so, please consider multi-modal transport for the first or last leg of your trip! Both barge and rail transport are very cost effective, as well as environmentally sound modes of transport, for both short and especially for longer distances. Just tell us your destination, and we'll work out the best mode of transport for you! 

  • Fewer traffic jams

  • Lower carbon footprint

  • Healthier, greener environment

More rail advantages

Although railway transport involves a longer processing time than shipping by road, it is not hindered by traffic jams or driving and resting times.

When you book your shipment via rail with Embassy Freight, we arrange transport from the starting address to the final destination. We can also offer combined rail and road solutions, where only the first or last mile are by road, and the majority of your cargo’s journey is by carbon neutral railway!

The Belgian railway network is the most concentrated in the world; it extends over 3570 km, and has excellent connections to the rest of Europe

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