What we do

Sure, we can ship your helicopter

Too tired to fly? We can ship your helicopter for you! This was one of our favorite shipments in 2023!

Specialised transports

There is no load that we're not able to transport! We have all the necessary tools and connections!

Flexitanks business

This was a shipment of 10 x 20ft containers to Algeria. We arranged flexibags to be installed for our customer and organised the whole shipment from start to finish.

Jeeps for the United Nations

We arranged the transport of 35 jeeps to Nepal for the United Nations. It was an exciting and big project, worth over 2 million USD.

Packing and transporting cases

We can arrange a full package of services, from picking up your cargo with specialised transport to ocean freight, to delivery at final destination.

Air freight for world champions

You can't become a world champion jet-skier without the right equipment! Our national hero Quinten Bossche trusted us to arrange the shipment of his precious jet ski from Belgium to Thailand and back. In the two intervening weeks he managed to renew his world title.

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