MAUT to increase December 1st

Germany approves MAUT increase

The German government has recently agreed to a plan to increase MAUT

for diesel trucks. The accord is intended to decrease the output of CO₂

emissions. The scheme is heavily contested, but as it stands it will come in to effect on December 1st.

The MAUT, which is currently 19 Euro cent per kilometer, will be raised with

an additional 20 cents. In other words, the current MAUT will double.


Currently MAUT is only charged on trucks heavier than 7.5 tons, but on

June 1st 2024 the weight limit will be lowered to 3.5 tons. MAUT will not

be applied to emission-free trucks until at least 2025.


The additional revenues generated by this scheme will go towards improving and

promoting rail transport in Germany. Rail transport is viewed as the most

sustainable and efficient mode of transport for the future.

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